Our Mission

Why you should stake with us!

HIPPO pool is a cardano stake pool from Belgium.

We truly believe in a brighter future through decentralization. The transfer of power and resources will give a greater voice to citizens and local entities.

Believing in a better future is not enough ! The current world could use some help.
For each epoch at which we are lucky enough to mint one or more blocks, we’ll donate 10 % of the profit to local environmental and social charity projects.

Our next donation idea is under progress.

HIPPO pool distributes $PIGY Tokens pigy-token and $THANK Tokens as extra rewards to its loyal delegators.

We also reward your loyalty. Check it out here


Donation Charity Amount When Receipts
#1 Sea Shepherd 34₳ November 2021 Receipt
#2 LE RÊVE D’ABY 45€ December 2021 Receipt
#3 Centre de Prévention du Suicide 100€ August 2022 Receipt
#4 Make a wish 100€ December 2022 Receipt

Donations are verified by the Mission Driven pool Alliance : CardanoMDP

HIPPO pool is member of the following alliances

Cardano Single Pool Alliance (CSPA) cspa

Extra Small SPO Alliance (xSPO) xspo