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Make a Difference

Profit goes to charity

Green Energy

Hippo is powered by renewable energy


10 years experience software engineer

Single Stake Pool Operator

A single stake pool for true decentralization

Nano Ledger X

Pledge is secured by hardware wallet


Servers are firewalled and DDOS protected

Profit goes to charity

The future is brighter through decentralization.
The current world still need help.
10 % of the pool profit goes to environmental and social charity projects.

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Your Hippo Operator

Jérôme is an independent IT engineer who is always eager to learn and tackle new challenges. While he has been working on various projects, his main area of expertise is Cloud/Devops engineering. He also has a strong interest in security, web development, machine learning and networking.

Hippo Pool Details

Ticker: HIPPO

Id: 718f15efee599d498a7582c4f56a940cfebffc14e850656db8d529e1

We’re Cardano, and if you’ll permit us, we would like to change the world.

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